They Hunger Franchise

They Hunger is a single player horror-based mod of Valve's first-person shooter Half-Life. It was released by Neil Manke's Black Widow Games in three episodes, the first in 1999, the second in 2000, and the final installment in 2001. All three were at one point bundled with PC Gamer magazine.


They Hunger features little original Half-Life content apart from the revolver, some sound clips, a few types of ammunition the player can pick up, and a few other minor details, although many weapons and NPCs are simply re-skins of the content in Half-Life. For example, the civilians are re-skins of a scientist found in Half-Life. It also includes the sniper rifle from Team Fortress Classic, though it features a different view when scoped. In addition to these modifications, it changes the sounds of certain characters, for example one friendly NPC features the same sound clips as Barney Calhoun from Half-Life but has been edited to affect a deeper voice. Zombies and headcrabs have also been given voices, which add to the horror aspect of the game.

The County of Rockwell

They Hunger takes place in a town called Rockwell, also called "the valley" by Deputy Jerry Hoobs. The location of the town is never revealed. The town is surrounded by many cliffs and canyons; many sections of the town are separated by tunnel systems. On the outskirts there is "Rockwell Stud Bulls," a family owned cattle company. One of the town's more notable landmarks is a large volcanic chasm, which appears to be the town's main tourist attraction dubbed "Devil's Rift." It also has a Stonehenge-type structure. The town has its own local radio station, BMRF radio (a reference to the Black Mesa Research Facility from the Half-Life series).