Resistance: Burning Skies

1st Game to... First Playstation Vita FPS.

Like the ongoing Resistance franchise on PlayStation 3, Burning Skies has you taking on an army of nasty Chimera aliens with a selection of inventive weapons. It takes place just before the events of PS3 blaster Resistance 2, in the 1950s.

You'll play as a new bloke: everyman Tom Reily who wakes up, daze and confused, in a morgue. He grabs a whopping great fire axe and goes to town on the series's iconic extraterrestrials.

Spin the wheel

The game features an all-new storyline, with fresh environments and new levels to plod through. There are also new weapons to wield, like the Cluster Fire Game (aka the CFG) and the Chimeran Chain Gun, both of which make light work of alien scum.

Making use of the Vita's unique control systems, you can spin the game's weapon wheel with your finger, and tilt the entire device to peek out from behind cover. The console's dual analogue sticks will also help the game feel like a true console FPS.

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