Developer / Publisher: Underworld Software (Out of Business?)

Blood Bath At Red Falls is a high-dosage shoot-em-up that pumps fast, fluid, full-screen video into the heart of your computer. Blood Bath's interface is classic and pure shooting gallery. Underworld uses a new video compression scheme that brings smooth animation to even the slowest computers (even on 486 machines, Blood Bath is full-screen and full-speed). Blood Bath is never interrupted by stop-gap frames and video sequence loading typical of games utilizing digitized video. In Blood Bath, the action is fast and furious like a shoot-out should be.

The plot is good B-movie fun: the player is a sheriff in the small town of Red Falls. A bloodthirsty bus-load of hardcore cons have escaped on a nearby highway and they're coming to town...and guess who's the welcoming committee?

Rapid-fire responsiveness and realistic video are at the heart of Blood Bath's unique upgrade of the classic shooting gallery arcade game. But it also has plenty of strong arteries pumping up the game: hidden levels, power-ups, blood-curdling music and sound effects, cinematic angles, funny dialogue, and much more.

Demo (3.9 Mb)